Choose Something Else

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A BonBon

Every moment we respond to life. The true choice is not what you do or say. That’s secondary in time and significance.

The choice is—Who in you will respond?

  • What you always do—your habits and ego, Or
  • Something else

A binkle* is evidence of “something else” at work. Two things occur at the same time. The first choice did NOT happen. So something new and vital (as in full of life) is about to show itself. And with it comes a zizz of buoyant energy that charges the moment with significance. Even the angels hold their breath in anticipation.

How will the spark of divine energy express itself as “something else?” What unique flavor of yourself will color the next moment?

Your next move could be inspired—a creative opportunity grasped. It might be a tendril of new possibilities springing forth, unconstrained by prior limitations.

What will become of it? Only time will tell. Some tendrils grow and yield a constant supply of similar positive energy. Some fade from memory. But each such wisp of possibilities ruptures the mindless status quo. Each leaves its mark on the moment and the people involved.

That’s momentous! The definition of world changing. All from choosing something else.

Life moves on. The next moment… Another response by you…

It could be habit or “something else.” Can you see why that’s a big deal?

*Binkle – The energy created when two people connect. Or when you connect with anything

that inspires you (even yourself)

From More BonBons and Treats for Everyday Life by Faith Lynella, © Off the Page Press, 2016

New Book of BonBons Coming This Summer

This is the next collection of BonBons. Like BonBons to Sweeten Your Daily Life, © 1996. This volume contains about 75 BonBons. A few of them have been published prior to being included in this collection. But each of them has a binkle center, with a timelessness that can inspire or uplift your spirit.

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